Full, Flavorful &
Satisfying Cuisine

Welcome To Abundant Catering.
Thank you for choosing Abundant Catering.
It is our goal to create a fully flavorful and
satisfying event for all your guests.

Welcome To Abundant Catering.

Thank you for choosing Abundant Catering.
It is our goal to create a fully flavorful and
satisfying event for all your guests.

About Us

Our Delicious Story

The Twin Cities premier caterer to national and international entertainers. You name the star…I’ve probably cooked for them. From U2 and KISS to Mary J. Blige and the Lilith Fair. I’ve prepared meals for virtually every major entertainer that has visited the Twin Cities.

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Fresh & Delicious

Savor the goodness of food with a delightful taste that leaves a lasting
impression, elevating your dining experience to new heights of satisfaction.
Abundant Catering Plate sandwich


Appetizing treats, gastronomic journey’s prelude.


Entrée, main course, pasta, steak, salmon, curry.


Cake, ice cream, pie, mousse, tiramisu, macarons.


Appetizer, canapé, hors d’oeuvre, bruschetta, samosa.

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    Discover Our Menus

    Chicken Bacon Club Pita—Chicken,Cheese, Bacon,Lettuce, Tomato,
    Ranch Dressing—Served in PitaBread

    Chicken Nuggets with Potato

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    Mattis pulvi nar dapibus

    Grilled Mackerel Steak

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    Abundant Catering Healthy Meal

    Spaghetti with Grilled Mackerel

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    Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce

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    Our Menu

    Please contact us for pricing and more information. Let’s plan your event today!

    Highly requested popular items

    Hors D’oeuvres

    Miniature Pasta Rolls Fresh Basil, garlic and Tomatoes Bruschetta Mango Chutney Wild Mushroom and Fontina Cheese Tartlets


    Roasted vegetables platter, potatoes, Brussel Sprouts, carrots, corn Beef Tenderloin platter Nana Flat bread and Crostini


    Mixed greens topped with raspberry vinaigrette dressing, mandarin oranges, toasted almonds. New York Strip Steakw/ French


    What People Says

    Great Taste Catering consistently delivers an impressive array of dishes that not only please the palate but also captivate the eyes. As a chef, I deeply appreciate the meticulous attention to presentation and the harmonious fusion of flavors evident in each creation.
    Chef Epicurean
    The appetizers, a crucial first impression, were executed with finesse and flair. From the elegant smoked salmon canapés to the inventive vegan avocado tartare, each bite revealed a careful balance of taste and texture. Thats a nice taste.
    The main courses were a true testament to the mastery of Great Taste Catering. The perfectly seared scallops, tender and succulent, paired with a delightful saffron risotto, exemplified their commitment to using only the finest ingredients.
    Adam William
    Food Enthusiasts

    Our Services

    Savor an extraordinary culinary journey with our carefully crafted menu, where unforgettable food creations take center stage, leaving your taste buds wanting more.

    Corporate Event

    Experience culinary excellence at our corporate event, where the finest food supplies, curated with precision, will impress your attendees and leave a lasting impression.

    Wedding Event

    Enchant your wedding guests with a sumptuous feast at our magical wedding event, where carefully selected food supplies promise to delight every palate and create cherished memories of your big day.

    Private Dining Event

    Indulge in an intimate culinary affair at our private dining event, where exclusive food supplies promise an unforgettable gastronomic experience tailored just for you.

    Abundant Catering Salad with arugula, mango, avocado, shrimp, pecans
    Abundant Catering Mochi Japanese Rice Cake
    Abundant Catering Chicken Tikka masala
    Abundant Catering Restaurant & Hotel Decor
    Abundant Catering Singhara Barfi or singhada Burfi or halwa
    Abundant Catering Carrot Jeon (Savory Korean Pancake)